Friday, June 30, 2017

Sometimes, both sides are right or wrong

You know that game that people try to play on toddlers, where they say, "No, I'm sorry but you're too young to have any of these delicious veggie sticks. When you're twelve, I might share." Have you ever mocked a kid to make them hate the very thing they love doing. Like, maybe like, using like the word like, like twenty times in like every sentence? And suddenly when the parent does it the thrill is gone?

I can't believe the number of people who have allowed Trump to use these tactics on them with media. It seems like most people have abandoned critical thinking and adopted black-or-white thinking and reactionary responses. CNN has been irresponsible for decades. MSNBC pulled the mother of all bait-and-switches. They let us down and helped put Trump in office with total Republican control in federal government as well as in most states. So, when Trump criticizes them, why are people playing right into his tiny hands by defending them? This is surely his pay-to-play payments to them. 

I will not use the name of the fake witch (see, I can make it through an entire post without a cuss word if I really want) who has occupied the morning slot on what people want so desperately to believe is a liberal news channel forever, allowing herself to be treated like a piece of (oh, this cleanness is getting harder) - umm shameful Stepford wifery(?). I couldn't stomach the show when it was obvious almost immediately that she was doing a terrible job of pulling off her proclaimed inherited liberal stance which is about the same as my Catholic baptism at two weeks of age - mostly outgrown by age seven and totally outgrown by adulthood. I'm also not going to defend her just because Trump said some stupid stuff about her. Because, it's absolutely possible to criticize both of them for what they do wrong without thinking there has to be one right and one wrong. Sometimes, both people are right or both are wrong.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Speaking of millennials and allowing everyone a seat at the table

I continuously see three big problems: 

People assume all millennials are the same.
They aren’t. There are some, like my daughter, who started young and earned a seat. She started volunteering at age thirteen, and cherished the wisdom, instruction, and patience of people she worked with (Donna Brazile the biggest name to show personal interest in her). Following years of volunteer experience and study, and working with both unions and ACORN, she went on to become a paid campaign worker. She has been an officer in the local Young Democrats for years. 

And, now, people who skipped all of that think people like her, as well as those of us who have been doing the same for decades, should forget everything we know and pretend that their wild ideas that we know from experience aren’t going to work the way they demand (especially the demands that we die and get out of their way so they can continue to help Republicans win elections) are doing everything they can to put kinks in the system (including physical violence at times) and to push every qualified, experienced, intelligent Democrat in office or in support positions out the door. This is unacceptable and a death sentence for the party*.

People assume all Sanders supporters are millennials. 

This is not true. I am sixty-three years old and know many Sanders supporters in my age group. They have been throwing elections to Republicans at least since Nadar and continue to infiltrate every Democratic group to sabotage Democratic candidates. Some run for offices they don’t want and/or know they can’t win to give themselves what they believe is credibility in groups (internet and not). They repeat right-wing talking points (lies), propagate the ridiculous notion that both parties are the same, and encourage people to either vote third party or don’t vote at all. 

They are pure tea party, whether or not they are willing to admit it and whether or not they know (as I do) that MoveOn actively recruited tea party members to, “Learn from them,” (their words, and I personally heard them directly from leadership). Their goal is to destroy both parties from within and now they have people who say they are loyal Democrats helping them even though some are just na├»ve and don’t understand how they are doing so. 

People assume all new ideas are good ideas that deserve our time.   

They are not. There are plenty of terrible ideas floating around and we have more important things that we should be focused on and that demand our time. Anyone who is honestly interested in getting involved and becoming a leader should understand that they need to work their way into leadership positions by listening and learning. This isn’t a ‘everyone gets a trophy for pretending they know what they are doing’ sport. This is a matter of life and death – for people, for the party, and for this earth.

Truth is, anyone who has been involved and demonstrated leadership positions or even willingness to have a seat at the table (as opposed to hogging the gavel and all control) isn't having to fight for a way to be involved.

We can't criticize Ivanka and her crazy father and party if we aren't going to stand up to people who want to give every little Ivanka who shows up the 'you are not qualified but stick around and learn' speech we think she deserved. 

*the party that many of them want to destroy and are only feigning support for so they can destroy from within

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Kathy Griffin, Trump Family, and the Golden Rule

Trump chose to run for office, knowing that others would do (or try to do) exactly what he did (or tried to do) to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Trump chose to run for office and swore to hold that office knowing there was more dirt on him than probably anyone else on earth. Trump chose to subject his children (all of them, the ones who are complicit and the ones who might be innocent) to humiliation, fear, hatred, danger, deserved or not. Trump incited hatred, racism, and violence every step of the way. Trump chummed up to and weaponized our enemies--including a country that beheads and that waged the World Trade Center attack on this country--and turned his back on our allies, and he and his party have laid the groundwork for us to become the next Syria, meaning our grandchildren might one day see their parents beheaded by the enemies, or melted by nukes, or washed up on foreign shores after our attempt to help them escape failed. 

Trump's wife and children knew/know all of this about him. Instead of doing the right thing, they played along and helped him. They deserve no consideration. If anyone actually believes the golden child in the gilded cage was terrorized by seeing Kathy's picture, you must surely realize he also sees naked pictures of his mother, who he surely loves more than he loves his demented, absent father, and the news about his father raping children and bragging about grabbing pussies while married to his mom . . . And the appropriate reaction according to my intelligence, experience, gut reaction is to reject Trump's attempt to make us feel sorry for him because someone might have hurt his kid's feelings. It's ALL about Trump. Always.

I believe in the Golden Rule. The Trumps taught us, over and over and over again exactly how they prefer to be done unto - and it isn't pretty. Good parents (like mine, like the Clintons, like the Obamas) take a situation like this and say TO THEIR KID, "That was an ugly, hurtful thing to do. I hope you remember and never do it to someone else." Or, in this case, "I realize now how very wrong I have been to mistreat others my entire life so I am going to beg everyone to forgive me and start over as a decent person."

Friday, May 05, 2017

The big question for our society

Six years ago today, I had enough blood drawn to perform every test that could be done - as part of a work-up for what was not MS but presented with all of the same symptoms (and more). As I was exiting the parking garage at the medical center, I heard a loud pop and thought I had run over something. Since it was a metallic sound and I feared it might have punctured a tire, I got out to look and found nothing.

I few blocks into the drive home, I felt extremely weak. I figured it was from the amount of blood they had drawn and decided it would be safer if I stopped to eat something and let the weakness pass. I drove to what had been my favorite deli for a bowl of soup only to discover it was gone. Went on a few more blocks to my favorite salad place and there were no parking spaces. So, I came home, called Briana to cry on her shoulder and she brought me a black and bleu salad that I usually love.
But it tasted horrible this time. Almost like the metallic sound.

It was hours before serious pain and weirdness set in. This time, I called Jessica to cry on her shoulder. Really to see if I sounded strange to her because I thought I might be having a stroke. She said I didn't sound slurred but I did sound scared and that wasn't like me, so she wanted me to call an ambulance.

I spent a week in intensive care with a subarachnoid hemorrhage of unknown etiology. After two cerebral arteriograms, they were certain it was not a stroke but still didn't know what caused the bleed. Weeks later, a post swelling and bleeding scan showed scar tissue consistent with the healing of a ruptured aneurysm.

I feel extremely lucky to have survived this with no residuals that doctors can see, although I know small ways in which I haven't fully recovered.

Before this incident, I had already been determined totally and permanently disabled with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and secondary chronic fatigue syndrome from pushing myself too far for too many years. The rehab doctor who headed the team that evaluated my fatigue said it was unlikely it could ever improve at all, and said he would rather tell me, "You have cancer and this will end soon," but unfortunately, it looked like I would live a long time and be miserable most of it. He said the best way to explain to family and friends what it's like to be me is to ask them to remember that time they had the flu with a high fever and they ached so badly that they thought they would rather be dead than to have to get out of bed - and tell them that's how I feel on my good days. The team apologized for forcing me to exhaust my energy but put me on machines to determine exactly how much strength and energy I actually had to work with. The determination was that I had the equivalent of four hours of energy a day. If I used eight hours one day, it might be a week or two before I recovered. And I might end up on the floor unable to move. That happened a few times.

Eventually, I learned to manage those four hours so well that the doctors asked me to write a book and help others. I didn't do that. Fiction was more fun.

The big question for our society is what we want to do with people like me? I devoted a huge portion of my four hours of energy to doing everything I possibly could to protect people who needed it most - and my four hours a day was much more than most healthy people give. I fought for same sex marriage even though I have no interest in women. I fought for unions, and unemployment, and minimum wage increases even though I never had a union job and will never have a job again. I fought for ACA even though I had Medicare. I continued to fight for Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights even when I was post menopausal, for schools when my kids were adults . . .
Most of the disabled people I know are like me. We want to feel vital and needed, and we want to contribute to the world. And it is nice when we are appreciated for our contributions, even if our wisdom and experience are all we have left to give.

Unfortunately, it appears that our society is learning toward rewarding people who stalk people like me, telling us to hurry up and die (and in the case of Sanders and supporters, calling us ugly names and threatening violence if we don't get out of their way), and following that up with electing people who want to take away our healthcare, housing and food assistance, and social security.
One step deeper into the heartless pit, instead of offering us a Dr. Kevorkian option, they want us to stick around for painful deaths without medications.

There is nothing great about a society that turns its back on and even mocks people who hurt for any reason.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Open Letter to Tom Perez

Dear Tom Perez:

I doubt I can type this letter without tears. I just hope I can do it without a stroke or using the cuss words that are clouding my mind. 

No, I will not sign up for “more information” about your tour with predator and traitor Bernie Sanders. I despise that man more than I have ever disliked anyone ever born. The only information I want to receive about him is that he was arrested with Trump or that he finally dropped dead. 

Why are you touring with a man who is NOT A DEMOCRAT, and who has done everything he possibly can to destroy the Democratic Party that he has lied about and publicly hated forever? Why are you celebrating this despicable person who purposely helped Trump and Russia destroy the election and what was left of this country? Why, if you are even a tolerable pretense of a decent human being would you have anything to do with this man who is terribly unqualified to be in any office, much less the White House, and who lied about President Obama and Hillary Clinton and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY

I am sixty-three-years-old and have been loyal and active in the Democratic Party since I was eleven years old. I’ve knocked on doors, stuffed envelopes, volunteered countless hours at Democratic headquarters, organized rallies and volunteers, driven to the state capital to volunteer at KDP, raised loyal Democrats – one of whom is currently organizing a convention for young Democrats . . .  And you are trying to reward the very people who are calling me “a shriveled old cunt” and telling me to “die and get out of the way” for people who have purposely turned this entire country over to Republicans? Are you KIDDING ME? (please insert the worst words you can imagine before the word kidding and I hope you know some worse than the ones Bernie’s supporters have called me) 

No. I don’t want any information. I don’t want anything to do with the Democratic Party until you denounce Sanders and his cult of destructive, nasty, deplorable emoprogs. I will unregister because I want nothing to do with a party that watched and mocked the Republicans for not standing up to their tea party but is now going to follow right in their footsteps. You can be that hypocrite without me because I don’t like hypocrites. You surely know that they purposely teamed up with the GOP tea party to – their words, “Learn from them now to destroy both parties from within.” If you don’t know that by personal experience, you should know it by observation from afar because, even the most inattentive people I know have figured out. 

I have removed myself from most mailing lists and will continue to do so until I get no communication from the party that YOU are [mis]leading, because it sure isn’t the party I have loved and supported and isn’t anything I want to be associated with now that you are traveling around with that DEPLORABLE man who is part of team Trump/Russia/Sanders. 

Trump is not the problem. The people who put him in office ARE and Bernie Sanders and his supporters did exactly that. You have proven already that you are one of them and that is the biggest disappointment of the year. 

I hope you and everyone who is walking with you right now suffer ten times the sorrow that surely lives in the heart of Hillary Clinton. 

With heartbreaking regret that I supported you,

Sandy Morgan