Monday, April 10, 2017

Open Letter to Tom Perez

Dear Tom Perez:

I doubt I can type this letter without tears. I just hope I can do it without a stroke or using the cuss words that are clouding my mind. 

No, I will not sign up for “more information” about your tour with predator and traitor Bernie Sanders. I despise that man more than I have ever disliked anyone ever born. The only information I want to receive about him is that he was arrested with Trump or that he finally dropped dead. 

Why are you touring with a man who is NOT A DEMOCRAT, and who has done everything he possibly can to destroy the Democratic Party that he has lied about and publicly hated forever? Why are you celebrating this despicable person who purposely helped Trump and Russia destroy the election and what was left of this country? Why, if you are even a tolerable pretense of a decent human being would you have anything to do with this man who is terribly unqualified to be in any office, much less the White House, and who lied about President Obama and Hillary Clinton and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY

I am sixty-three-years-old and have been loyal and active in the Democratic Party since I was eleven years old. I’ve knocked on doors, stuffed envelopes, volunteered countless hours at Democratic headquarters, organized rallies and volunteers, driven to the state capital to volunteer at KDP, raised loyal Democrats – one of whom is currently organizing a convention for young Democrats . . .  And you are trying to reward the very people who are calling me “a shriveled old cunt” and telling me to “die and get out of the way” for people who have purposely turned this entire country over to Republicans? Are you KIDDING ME? (please insert the worst words you can imagine before the word kidding and I hope you know some worse than the ones Bernie’s supporters have called me) 

No. I don’t want any information. I don’t want anything to do with the Democratic Party until you denounce Sanders and his cult of destructive, nasty, deplorable emoprogs. I will unregister because I want nothing to do with a party that watched and mocked the Republicans for not standing up to their tea party but is now going to follow right in their footsteps. You can be that hypocrite without me because I don’t like hypocrites. You surely know that they purposely teamed up with the GOP tea party to – their words, “Learn from them now to destroy both parties from within.” If you don’t know that by personal experience, you should know it by observation from afar because, even the most inattentive people I know have figured out. 

I have removed myself from most mailing lists and will continue to do so until I get no communication from the party that YOU are [mis]leading, because it sure isn’t the party I have loved and supported and isn’t anything I want to be associated with now that you are traveling around with that DEPLORABLE man who is part of team Trump/Russia/Sanders. 

Trump is not the problem. The people who put him in office ARE and Bernie Sanders and his supporters did exactly that. You have proven already that you are one of them and that is the biggest disappointment of the year. 

I hope you and everyone who is walking with you right now suffer ten times the sorrow that surely lives in the heart of Hillary Clinton. 

With heartbreaking regret that I supported you,

Sandy Morgan

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How many times can I ruin the same pot of soup?

The answer is: I don’t know yet but I’m working on an answer. 

It started when I lost my mind and cleaned out the food cabinet. Who does that? I think I have a Jewish friend who does that for Passover but she’s a foodlover who obviously appreciates any reason to handle food. Surely, most people don’t do that. (I’m okay with being the odd one out again if that’s the case.) 

I usually don’t think about cleaning cabinets unless I’m moving but for some reason did so yesterday. And in the process, I noticed I had several containers with only a handful of beans. I also had four opened bags of rice. 

Foodlover friend, you can stop reading now if you started. This is ugly. 

I tossed my handfuls of kidney, great northern, and black-eyed peas in a pot with that half onion and quarter green pepper getting ready to expire in the refrigerator, added some fresh carrots and celery and garlic, and started soup. Since I had the baby (yeah, I’m going to blame everyone but myself, even a three-month-old granddaughter) I was distracted and forgot to tilt the lid. So, the beans got mushy and I hate mushy beans. 

Worse than mushy, though, the soup was bland. Extremely bland, even after I dumped in a bunch of spices. 

I put the soup in the refrigerator and ordered pizza last night. Even though I stopped ordering my
food burned years ago, this one arrived that way. Too burned for my taste is totally unacceptable for most people. But, between the two, the pizza seemed the better choice so I ate some.

Tonight, I decided to try processing the mushy beans. Then I could melt cheese on top and it might be like refried beans. Seemed better than wasting them. 

Maybe there’s a secret? I lost the instructions to the processor years ago, so I won’t know unless someone sees this and tells me. I ended up with mushy bean juice all over the kitchen, even with all nifty plastic blockers in their correct spots on the processor lid. And, in all the crevices on the base because, obviously, the people who design those do-not-immerse bases get some sick pleasure from making sure there are crevices that are impossible to clean with anything wider than a toothpick. 

So, I tasted what was left of the mushy bean soup after it was pureed or processed or whatever people who know what they are doing call it. And, of course, it was still bland. But, I had bought a new essential oil today, and I was going to fix this problem and create something new at the same time. 

When someone takes the time to type ‘maybe not even a whole drop, you might want to dip a toothpick in the oil and then touch it to the soup’ that’s a good clue that the oil might be overwhelming.* I missed that clue. 

The soup was not bland anymore after I added a drop of cinnamon oil. Nor was it good.
No problem! I had pepper jack cheese to add. That would surely mask or at least tame the cinnamon. Seriously, other non-foodies, cinnamon is NOT ANYTHING LIKE RED PEPPER. I knew that. I really did. So why did I do this? Sigh. 

The pepper cheese was in the freezer but fortunately was shredded and I was able to break off a chunk to put on my soup. I might have known the truth about cinnamon but I really had no idea that putting shredded cheese in the freezer would make it smell so bad. I tossed that stuff in the microwave quickly and rushed to wash the stink off my hand. 

Turns out freezing probably doesn’t make cheese smell sour. I think there’s a very good possibility I bought and froze nasty cheese. 

I’m having leftover burned pizza tonight. 

Anybody want bean soup? I don’t deliver.

* To make a long story even longer, this made me remember when my father-in-law brought the teeny tiny green peppers from Bolivia to my parents' house one night. He warned us they were hot and we nodded and smiled, like, yeah, we know about hot peppers. He appealed to my husband, who explained in English that we would all share one of those teeny tiny peppers. Each of us would dip the pepper in in our soup bowl and then pass it on to the next person. They weren't kidding - the soup was hot with even that little dunk of the pepper.