Saturday, June 03, 2017

Kathy Griffin, Trump Family, and the Golden Rule

Trump chose to run for office, knowing that others would do (or try to do) exactly what he did (or tried to do) to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Trump chose to run for office and swore to hold that office knowing there was more dirt on him than probably anyone else on earth. Trump chose to subject his children (all of them, the ones who are complicit and the ones who might be innocent) to humiliation, fear, hatred, danger, deserved or not. Trump incited hatred, racism, and violence every step of the way. Trump chummed up to and weaponized our enemies--including a country that beheads and that waged the World Trade Center attack on this country--and turned his back on our allies, and he and his party have laid the groundwork for us to become the next Syria, meaning our grandchildren might one day see their parents beheaded by the enemies, or melted by nukes, or washed up on foreign shores after our attempt to help them escape failed. 

Trump's wife and children knew/know all of this about him. Instead of doing the right thing, they played along and helped him. They deserve no consideration. If anyone actually believes the golden child in the gilded cage was terrorized by seeing Kathy's picture, you must surely realize he also sees naked pictures of his mother, who he surely loves more than he loves his demented, absent father, and the news about his father raping children and bragging about grabbing pussies while married to his mom . . . And the appropriate reaction according to my intelligence, experience, gut reaction is to reject Trump's attempt to make us feel sorry for him because someone might have hurt his kid's feelings. It's ALL about Trump. Always.

I believe in the Golden Rule. The Trumps taught us, over and over and over again exactly how they prefer to be done unto - and it isn't pretty. Good parents (like mine, like the Clintons, like the Obamas) take a situation like this and say TO THEIR KID, "That was an ugly, hurtful thing to do. I hope you remember and never do it to someone else." Or, in this case, "I realize now how very wrong I have been to mistreat others my entire life so I am going to beg everyone to forgive me and start over as a decent person."

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