Friday, June 30, 2017

Sometimes, both sides are right or wrong

You know that game that people try to play on toddlers, where they say, "No, I'm sorry but you're too young to have any of these delicious veggie sticks. When you're twelve, I might share." Have you ever mocked a kid to make them hate the very thing they love doing. Like, maybe like, using like the word like, like twenty times in like every sentence? And suddenly when the parent does it the thrill is gone?

I can't believe the number of people who have allowed Trump to use these tactics on them with media. It seems like most people have abandoned critical thinking and adopted black-or-white thinking and reactionary responses. CNN has been irresponsible for decades. MSNBC pulled the mother of all bait-and-switches. They let us down and helped put Trump in office with total Republican control in federal government as well as in most states. So, when Trump criticizes them, why are people playing right into his tiny hands by defending them? This is surely his pay-to-play payments to them. 

I will not use the name of the fake witch (see, I can make it through an entire post without a cuss word if I really want) who has occupied the morning slot on what people want so desperately to believe is a liberal news channel forever, allowing herself to be treated like a piece of (oh, this cleanness is getting harder) - umm shameful Stepford wifery(?). I couldn't stomach the show when it was obvious almost immediately that she was doing a terrible job of pulling off her proclaimed inherited liberal stance which is about the same as my Catholic baptism at two weeks of age - mostly outgrown by age seven and totally outgrown by adulthood. I'm also not going to defend her just because Trump said some stupid stuff about her. Because, it's absolutely possible to criticize both of them for what they do wrong without thinking there has to be one right and one wrong. Sometimes, both people are right or both are wrong.

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